RENNSPORT Safari Rally

The RENNSPORT Safari Rally seat was inspired by the need for a replica Porsche seat to that made by Recaro and used in the Safari Rally in Porsche 911 2.4S and RS cars that competed in that event in 1972, 1973 and 1974. It was also the prefered drivers seat in the awesome 2.8 RSR of 1973. A version similar to our RENNSPORT race seat being used for the passenger. The drawback of the original seat by Recaro was that it was of fibreglass construction and although light was vunerable to breaking in an accident. It was after all not homologated for road use as it was used only in race and rally cars. In addition by today's standards the backrest was low and the headrest barely reached the shoulders. Also to accomodate different drivers the seat was made in three sizes the smallest of which could only accomodate a 75 kilo driver. Our seat comes in two sizes and this one is the larger of the two providing more width in the seat and shoulder area than the original and more height for neck protection than the original too without compromising the classic appearance. We have supplied this seat to drivers from 75 kilos to 130 kilos. It's main benefit is it is made of lightweight tubular steel not fibreglass and is therefore very strong.

We provide slots for 4, 5 and 6 point harnesses.

This seat will suit any classic car suitably modified for racing or rallying and/or occassional track day use and of course any road replica of a racing car of that period.


  • Free headrest
  • Strong tubular frame construction
  • Slots for 4 or 5 or 6 belt harnesses
  • Easy fitting
  • Any bespoke colour & trim to special order
  • Matching material available to trim the rest of your car
  • Made to German DEKRA standards of safety like our other seats.


Part Number Finish
RS70 Black leatherette / Black corduroy centres
RS72 Black leatherette / Black basketweave centres
RS75 Black leatherette / Black/White houndstooth centre
RS71 Black leather
RS74 Black leather / Black corduroy centres
RS7X Other finishes are available